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Launch of the Creating Value for All Report in Germany


The launch of the Creating Value for All report was organized in Berlin, Germany, on September 19, 2008, in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The conference brought together around 100 international experts from business and development to discuss the opportunities and limits of business models to contribute to poverty alleviation. As the event was organized by GTZ and BMZ, the role of development organizations in enabling and supporting these new business models was of special interest.

In a breakout workshop, Christina Gradl, co-author of the report, introduced the GIM Strategy Matrix. Participants then use the structure of constraints and solutions to discuss the initiative of German multi-national Allianz in developing microinsurance solutions in many developing countries around the globe. Discussants found that the main constraints in this market were the lack of information, both on the side of the insurer and on the side of the consumer, as well as regulatory difficulties, including the lack of ID and counterproductive regulation of insurance markets. Allianz representative Michael Anthony underlined the importance of cooperation to make microinsurance work. Allianz works closely with CARE International, microfinance institutions like Planet Finance, and local actors like self help groups or community representatives to market its products. In their feedback, participants appreciated the matrix as a basis for discussion since it provided clear guidance and direction and challenged discussants to better understand the identified problems.