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Launch of the Creating Value for All Report in Guyana


The Creating Value for All report was launched in Guyana on September 10, 2008. Among the main speakers were Mr. Dennis Morgan, Denmor’s Managing Director, Ms. Gail Teixeira, Presidential Advisor on Governance, Ms. Afke Bootsman, Programme Specialist (UNDP), and Dr. Peter de Groot, from the Private Sector Commission.

“I remember eating salt and rice many days and living in a little hut with a thatched roof and going to school without any shoes on my feet. I know what being poor is like and I hope that by working and training with underprivileged women Denmor can make a difference in their lives and the state of the country on a whole”, Dennis Morgan said.

Press coverage

  • Stabroek News-”UN report examines how private sector can empower the poor” [PDF]
  • Guyana Chronicle-”Presidential Adviser says much more to be done for poverty alleviation”