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Launch of the Creating Value for All Report in South Korea


The Creating Value for All report was launched in Seoul, Republic of Korea, on September 8, 2008, at the COEX Conference Center, in the framework of a symposium on “UN Global Compact and the Millennium Development Goals” hosted by the UN Global Compact Korea Network and UNDP Republic of Korea, and sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Attendees included representatives from UNGC Network, development NGOs, corporates and other stakeholders.

The symposium began with a welcoming speech by the secretary-general of UNGC Korea Network, Mr. Chul-ki Ju, and a congratulatory speech by the representative of UNDP ROK, Mr. Zhe Yang. In the forenoon session, presentations were delivered by Dr. Namsuk Kim, an economic policy expert, from the UNDP headquarters in New York, on ‘MDGs and the roles of businesses’; Mr. Hyung Tae Kim, the Head of Development Cooperation Department of MOFAT, on ‘PPP: Public-Private Partnership’; and Ms. Hyun-Ju Lee, a researcher at KOICA, on ‘MDGs and the role of Korea’.

In the afternoon session, presentations on ‘Exemplary Cases of Overseas Aid by Local Companies’ were given by SK Telecom and Yujin Kreves. Following that, presentations on ‘Exemplary Cases of Overseas Aid by Foreign Companies’ were given by Pfizer, P&G, and Microsoft, all of which are multi-national companies. Panel discussions and Q&A sessions followed each of the sessions. After the first session, there was a panel discussion between Mr. Kwon Yul of the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, and Ms. Hyun Bong Yoon of the Korea NGO Council for Overseas Cooperation. After the second session, there was a panel discussion between Mr. Chul-ki Ju, Mr. Jung-su Kwak, a journalist from Hankyeoreh Newspaper, Mr. Se-Young Yang of the Federation of Korean Industries, and Prof. Yong-hee Yang of Ho-Seoh University.

The symposium was significant in that it provided new ways to define overseas aid as a good opportunity to assist the poor and to create inclusive markets and businesses rather than sheerly voluntary work.


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