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GIM Launches First National Report (Colombia)

On October 26, 2010, in Bogota, Colombia, UNDP Colombia, the Presidential Agency for Social Action and International Cooperation (Acción Social) and Colombia Líder have officially launched the national GIM Report “Crecimiento de Mercados Inclusivos: Estrategias empresariales para la superación de la pobreza y la exclusión en Colombia”. The Report features 13 case studies of Colombian business leaders that have found solutions to socio-economic problems such as inequity, poverty and exclusion, while pursuing economic benefits.

The launch event gathered over 250 participants from the private and public sectors as well as academia and civil society. Keynote speakers included: Bruno Moro, UN Resident Representative; Henry Jackelen, Director of UNDP’s Private Sector Division; Samuel Azout, Senior Advisor for Social Prosperity; Diego Molano, Senior Presidential Advisor for Social Action and International Cooperation; Luis Carlos Villegas, President of the National Association of Colombian Business Leaders (ANDI); and Hernando José Gómez, Director of the National Planning Department (DNP).

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