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The Guardian Article on the Role of Private Sector in Development and the Importance of Supporting Actors

As part of The Guardian International Development Journalism Competition, an article recently submitted talks about the role private sector can play in international health development. The article features, among others, ‘SMS for Life‘, an innovative public-private partnership between Novartis, IBM, Vodafone, the Tanzanian Ministry of Health and the Roll Back Malaria campaign to monitor drug levels in 3 Tanzanian districts’ health facilities.

As the article reckons, quoting Sahba Sobhani, Manager of the Growing Inclusive Markets Initiative, notwithstanding the potential a greater involvement of private sector holds for development, “business is not a panacea for social change” and companies need to be part of an ecosystem of actors that also includes governments and non-profit organizations.

Please click here to access the article from The Guardian website (also available in PDF).