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Participate in a UNDP survey on the support landscape for inclusive business in Africa!

If you or your organization supports inclusive business initiatives through raising awareness, capacity building, funding, involvement in policy-making, research, or in any other way: Make your support for inclusive business known by participating in our survey – or providing expert input in an interview!

Survey participants will be featured in a UNDP database which will be disseminated globally. Further, the results of the survey and the interviews will inform a Growing Inclusive Markets  report on “Inclusive business models and their ecosystems in Africa”. commissioned by  the African Facility for Inclusive Markets (AFIM)  and written in collaboration with Endeva and Reciprocity.

A crucial part of this report is examining the status of support mechanisms for inclusive business in Africa. Support mechanisms may exist – but companies may often not be aware of them, a gap this work will aim to bridge. The report thus aims to create transparency for companies operating on the African continent on what type of support they can attain, and from whom. Ultimately, this action-oriented project seeks to inspire and facilitate further collaboration between key actors – namely the private sector, donors, policy-makers, NGOs, investors, research and other support institutions – by delivering useable tools to practitioners: a written report, a series of inspiring case studies, and a searchable actor database.