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Farid Baddache is European Director of Business for Social Responsibility – BSR. He is an expert on Corporate Social Responsibility issues. He is an associate university professor at the University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin and a lecturer at ESSEC Business School (Paris), where he works on researches with IRENE – Institute for Research and Education on Negotiation in Europe – enabling to use negotiation tools and methods to build high value creative sustainable solutions encompassing stakeholders in projects with added positive impacts for people, profits and the planet. Farid has also worked extensively with corporations, unions and NGOs, and on projects supported by public institutions in Europe, Latin America, Pacific Asia and the US. He is an author on sustainability, with several articles and four books to his credit.

Juana de Catheu is Administrator in the Governance and Conflict Prevention Unit, Policy Co-ordination Division of the OECD Development Cooperation Directorate, and Lecturer at Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris. Previously, she was Conflict Specialist at the World Bank, Social Development Department and Burundi-Rwanda-RD Congo-Congo country team (2001-2004). Both under USAID technical assistance, she was then Senior Technical Advisor to the Head of the government of DR Congo Demobilization and Reintegration agency (2004-2005) and Advisor to a multi-stakeholder forum to implement the Helsinki peace agreement in Aceh, Indonesia (2006). Publications include articles on donor engagement in fragile states, including “Conflict-Sensitive Development: The case of Burundi” with Ambassador Howard Wolpe (World Bank, Washington DC, 2005) and in États et Sociétés Fragiles (Karthala, Paris, 2007). She holds an MA from Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris and a MSc. from Georgetown University.