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Building Inclusive Financial Markets for the Poorest (BIFMP)


In collaboration with the New America Foundation and other partners, the GIM Initiative is leveraging its business model analysis to produce research on expanding financial inclusion, particularly through social protection cash transfers.

This new initiative is designed to answer the following questions through research and advocacy:

  • What are potential new delivery models and approaches that could further support the goals of universal access to financial services for all?
  • Specifically, how can government to people (G2P) cash transfer programmes, including conditional cash transfer programmes, be combined with financial services to enable asset building through savings and thus creating sustainable livelihood?
  • What sorts of products and services would maximize development impact for specific target groups like women, children, etc.?

 BIFMP’s approach is three-fold:

  • Research: Research on understanding the logic and impact data of the methods most widely used to create financial inclusion will be undertaken in partnership with leading universities and faculty around the globe. Convene Dialogue: UNDP will build partnerships with leading financial institutions, and promote multi-sectoral dialogue on increasing the financial inclusion of the poorest. These dialogues will be action-focused and inspire partnership models that overcome the common constraints in working in markets of the poor.
  • Capacity Building: UNDP will work through its country offices and its relationships with national policymakers in order to promote South-South knowledge transfer based on its research.


  • White paper on Savings-Linked Conditional Cash Transfers

Together with the New America Foundation, UNDP’s Private Sector Division is co-authoring a paper on “A Third Way for ODA”, currently being finalized.

  • Global Experts Colloquium on Savings-Linked Conditional Cash Transfers (New York, November 8-9, 2010)

In collaboration with Ford Foundation and Citi Foundation, the GIM Initiative and the New America Foundation organized the first invite-only, high-level Global Experts Colloquium on Savings-Linked Conditional Cash Transfers. The event was held in the Ford Foundation premises in New York from November 8-9, 2010, and was attended by about 100 experts from across the globe from the fields of financial inclusion and social protection.

  • Haiti Pilot Project

The GIM Initiative is currently working on a mobile-enabled system for cash transfer programs in Haiti’s early recovery phase. The initial activity includes a review of the mechanisms of existing cash transfer programs in Haiti conducted by major agencies and nonprofits, and an analysis of context-specific recommendations for cash programming in Haiti.

Documents for download

  • Colloquium Agenda (upcoming)
  • Colloquium Proceedings (upcoming)
  • White paper on Savings-Linked Conditional Cash Transfers (upcoming)