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Growing Inclusive Markets and Sustainable Development


The GIM Initiative is collaborating with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (DTIE), to analyze the environmental impact of inclusive business models. UNEP’s priorities are: environmental monitoring, assessment, information and research including early warning; enhanced coordination of environmental conventions and development of environment policy instruments; freshwater; technology transfer and industry; and support to Africa. In liaison with other UNEP divisions, DTIE has developed its approach and focused its activities to respond to these priorities.

UNEP DTIE encourages decision makers in government, local authorities and industry to develop and implement policies, strategies and practices that are cleaner and safer, make efficient use of natural resources, ensure environmentally sound management of chemicals, reduce pollution and risks for humans and the environment, enable implementation of conventions and international agreements, and incorporate environmental costs.


  • VEV and Toyola case studies developed with the financial support from UNEP
  • Policy note on inclusive business models for sustainable consumption and production in progress