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(English) Q&A with Winifred Karugu, author of KACE case study in Kenya

(English) Q&A with Winifred Karugu, author of Ecotact case study in Kenya

"Private-Public Partnership: Sharing and applying best practices for roll out of successful irrigation solutions for sustainable food security, economic empowerment and growth"

UNDP Growing Inclusive Markets (GIM) Initiative has co-hosted this event with the Business Alliance Against Chronic Hunger (BAACH), which took take place at the World Agroforestry Centre in Nairobi on 3 December, 2009. This workshop brought together representatives from government, international organizations, private sector, academia, and civil society organizations to share experiences in irrigation  practices that will help advance both learning at the global level and action on the ground.

Speakers include:
Henry Jackelen, Director, Private Sector Division, UNDP
Cornelia Roettger, Director, Business Alliance  Against Chronic Hunger
Milo Gilad, Head of Development & PR, Amiran
John Kihia, Country Director, Kick Start
Lars Larsen, General Manager, Grundfos Lifelink
Mark Jeunnette, Water Technology Developer, International Development Enterprises Ethiopia
Amon Anderson, Acumen Fund Kenya
Sahba Sobhani, Programme Manager, UNDP Growing Inclusive Markets Initiative

Business Alliance Against Chronic Hunger (BAACH), formed by World Economic Forum partners and constituents in 2006, and which includes UNDP/Growing Inclusive Markets (GIM) Initiative on its Advisory Board, works to develop and implement business-led solutions to hunger in Kenya. Through the Alliance, over 30 companies and partners are working to develop commercially viable, pro-poor business models that improve food production and incomes in the pilot site in Siaya, one of the Kenya’s poorest districts.  The intent is to use the best practices for a national and regional roll out.

UNDP Growing Inclusive Markets (GIM) Initiative is also currently conducting an impact assessment of the BAACH business model.

The workshop will highlight:

  • Available irrigation technologies and business strategies for their financing and distribution, and allow partners to brainstorm on opportunities for implementation, resource mobilization, and capacity building.
  • Sharing insights on how to create and implement successful private-public partnerships and synergies for:

-    Increasing impact of water harvesting/irrigation solutions on food security and sustainable agribusiness and economic growth
-    Accelerating speed of implementation
-    Driving economic empowerment, engaging youth into transformation from subsistence agriculture to commercial agribusiness