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GIM Case Studies

A to Z Textile Mills of Tanzania (A to Z) became the sole African producer of long-lasting insecticide bed nets (LLINs) in Africa in 2003. LLINs are a significant improvement over traditional ITNs, because they kill mosquitoes on contact for five years without re-treatment while resisting rips and tears.

Wind, Water for Life (Senegal): VEV is a small company in Senegal providing long-term repairs for the wind water pumps previously installed by an Italian NGO (LVIA) in 130 villages. VEV CEO Michel Tine walks us through the village and explains how the system works.

Hey Textile (Turkey): Hey Textile is a story about a female entrepreneur in Turkey who achieved business success by breaking from the conventional practices in the textile industry and investing in poorer parts of Turkey. The video gives a voice to the different stakeholders involved in this venture, from the mayor and governor of Hacibektas – where the factory is located –, to factory employees and manager, as well as local merchants.

Esoko (Ghana): Esoko is a technology-based market information system (MIS) providing farmers and traders with market information such as prices, and a platform for advertising and negotiating buy/sell offers. In this video, the team behind Esoko, include founder and CEO Mark Davies, explain Esoko’s challenges and benefits.

GiroNil (Egypt): GiroNil was established in January 2005 in Egypt as a joint venture, a public‐private partnership of local and international banks and financial institutions, to develop and implement a shared cashless (giro) payment system. The video demonstrates how the system works.

MDI (Vietnam): Challenging the common idea that Fair Trade would only appeal to the 1 billion people in the well-off global North, MDI is a young family-owned company specialized in equitable trade of Vietnamese agricultural products, including coffee, green tea, jasmine tea, snow mountain tea and cashews. MDI founder, Ms. Minh, shares her story.

GIM launches/events

  • Growing Inclusive Markets Forum in Halifax, Canada

Boleslaw Rok, Kozminski Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management, case study author (Poland)

Jane Comeault, Visiting Research Fellow, Dalhousie University

Robert Osei, Institute of Statistical Social and Economic Research, case study author (Ghana)

Bruce Jenks, Assistant Secretary General and Director, Partnerships Bureau, UNDP

Melanie Richards, Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, case study author (Trinidad & Tobago)

Pedro Franco, Universidad del Pacífico, case study author

Elvie Grace Bing Ganchero, CSR consultant, case study author (The Philippines)

Eduardo Aninat, CEO, Anisal International Consultants, advisory board member, Former Minister of Finance, Chile and former Deputy Managing Director of IMF

Winifred Karugu, Institute for Human Resources Development at the Jomo Kenyatta University, case study author (Kenya)

Courtenay Sprague, University of the Witwatersrand’s Graduate School of Business Administration, case study author (South Africa)

  • Launch of the GIM Report, Washington D.C.

See what UNDP Administrator Kemal Dervis, Representative Nita Lowey, Representative Jo Ann Emerson, James Kunder, Jean-Michel Severino, and James Sullivan have to say about UNDP’s first report of the Growing Inclusive Markets initiative!

  • World Business and Development Awards

Three past winners of the World Business and Development Awards (VidaGas in Mozambique,Patrimonio Hoy in Mexico and Amcar in Guyana) give an example of how businesses can work to fight poverty and still make a profit.




  • Society for International Development, Washington D.C.

On February 5, 2009, SID-Washington held a  panel discussion on Growing Inclusive Markets (GIM)Bruce Jenks,Assistant Secretary-General and Director, Partnerships Bureau, UNDP and Daniel Runde, Head, Partnership Development, IFC gave a compelling overview of the goals of the initiative.

  • Initiative for Global Development, Seattle WA

On March 5, 2009, Bruce Jenks, Assistant Secretary-General and Director, Partnerships Bureau, UNDP, speaks about “Private sector opportunities in poor markets”.



Question and Answer Series: Part 1

and Part 2

  • Launch of the GIM Report, New Delhi India

Kash Rangan discusses the importance of doing business with the poor at the July 29, 2008 Launch of the Creating Value for All Report in New Delhi.

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