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Senior Fellow and Director of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School, and Director of Strategy, International Business Leaders Forum

Jane Nelson is a Senior Fellow and Director of the Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, and a Director at the Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF). During 2001 she worked in the office of the UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, preparing a report for the UN General Assembly on cooperation between the UN and the private sector, which supported the first UN resolution on such cooperation. Prior to joining the IBLF, Jane was a Vice President at Citibank and responsible for marketing for the bank’s Worldwide Securities Services business in Asia Pacific. She has been a lecturer in agricultural economics at the University of Natal in South Africa, and has worked for the Business Council for Sustainable Development in Africa preparing for the 1992 Rio Earth Summit and for FUNDES (Fundación para desarrollo sostenible) in Latin America undertaking research on small enterprise development. Jane has authored or co-authored a variety of books and publications on the changing role of business in society, especially in emerging markets. These include: ‘Profits with Principles’; ‘Business and the Millennium Development Goals’; ‘Building Partnerships’; ‘The Business of Peace’; ‘Business as Partners in Development’ and ‘Building Competitiveness and Communities’. She is co-author of the World Economic Forum’s four Global Corporate Citizenship reports since 2002, and a member of its Global Governance Initiative working group. Jane serves on the councils or advisory boards of the ImagineNations Group, SustainAbility Ltd., the 21st Century Trust, the U.K. Environment Foundation, Instituto Ethos, the Business and Human Rights Resource Center, the Business Women’s Initiative Against HIV/AIDS, and AIESEC (The International Association of Students in Economics and Commerce). She has been a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, a Rotary International student, a fellow of the 21st Century Trust, an Aspen Institute scholar, and recipient of the Keystone Center’s 2005 Leadership in Education Award.