Strategy Matrix

The Strategy Matrix is a tool that provides easy access to the solutions applied in the case studies. Each case study has been deconstructed, filtering out important information on the main constraints and corresponding solutions of the business model.

The strategy matrix can help entrepreneurs and analysts scan possible solutions to the constraints they face. It is crucial to note that successful inclusive business models typically combine several strategies to address several constraints. To get from broad strategies to focused solutions one must not only identify each local constraint, but also understand its dynamics in the market.

The Strategy Matrix allows readers to learn about experiences from a certain case with an increasing level of detail, starting at the broad categories or constraints and solution approaches and ending in a full-length case study. In this way, you can zoom in on the challenge or innovation that is most relevant to your specific situation.

The color shows how these strategies are most often applied: strategies highlighted in dark blue are used most often, those in light blue only rarely.