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Eastern Europe & the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)

Business Solutions to Poverty – How inclusive business models create opportunities for all in Emerging Europe and Central Asia is the first report that applies the concept of inclusive business models to the region. The report is built on the analysis of 19 specially commissioned case studies of businesses in the region that have successfully implemented an inclusive business model. It provides empirical evidence of the opportunities and challenges of developing inclusive businesses in the region, as well as highlights solution strategies used by successful businesses, and the resulting benefits to people, planet and profit.

The report is part of an effort to inspire businesses to implement inclusive business models in order to encourage growth and higher standards of living in the region. It is intended to be used as an advocacy tool in public private dialogues at the country level to explore how to improve the enabling environment for inclusive business and market development.

The process is led by the UNDP Bratislava Regional Center and involves a regional Working Group composed of institutions such as Business for Social Responsibility,  UNIDO, SNV Netherlands Development Organization, EuropeAid, International Academy of Business, OECD,  Cambridge University, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, International Business Leaders Forum, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Russian Microfinance Center, European Foundation for Management Development, and Kozminski University.

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