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A Third Way for Official Development Assistance

Savings and Conditional Cash Transfers to the Poor

GIM is pleased to announce its new UNDP publication together with the New America Foundation. ‘A Third Way for Official Development Assistance: Savings and Conditional Cash Transfers to the poor’ was written by Henry JackelenJamie Zimmerman, Jamie Holmes, Suba Sivakumaran and Sahba Sobhani and was launched last week, together with an accompanying op-ed called Money to the Poor in Slate magazine at the Future Tense event at the New America Foundation. (Full webcast here.)

How can aid be reformed to create greater impact on the poor and reduce corruption and inefficiency? What can be done to stimulate the demand by the poor for better schools, health services and financial services and products? How can we create a more accountable and transparent system that is able to track aid, target the poor better and empower them to make their own decisions?

This paper explores the conceptual and practical case for a simple yet radical idea: improve ODA’s efficiency and effectiveness by directing ODA funds toward account-linked cash transfer programs. In effect, this would enable the creation of bank accounts for aid recipients around the world and then leverage those accounts to a) deliver aid or make other transfers and b) create additional opportunities to enhance human capital and asset building. This would address the renewed emphasis on more meaningful, measurable outputs of aid and fulfill a critical need of the poor, with tools that provide a safe and secure place to save, manage resources, and build wealth over the long-term.

Click here to download the full report. A full webcast of the panel discussion in which Henry Jackelen participated along with Jamie Zimmerman, moderated by the editor of Slate, David Plotz can be found here. Please share, discuss and send your thoughts and feedback!

Business Innovation to Fight Climate Change and Poverty

11am – 3pm EST Wednesday, December 2 2009, London, Royal Society Street: 6-9 Carlton House Terrace

On the eve of the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen, this major event in London focused on business innovations for the global South that help mitigate climate change and its impact on the poor. What types of innovative models are emerging? How can these be brought to scale? What is the role of governments and donors to encourage innovation?

The event showcased leading climate-change impacting organizations that work in the global South such as Toyola (a manufacturer of carbon-efficient cookstoves in urban and rural Ghana) and Selco (a solar panel provider for the rural poor in India). Climate-change innovations by leading businesses were highlighted, such as Allianz whose micro-insurance products in health and life insurance have been proven to provide better post-emergency outcomes for the poor (such as post-tsunami and post-cyclone in India). Leading foundations, such as the Shell Foundation, also shared their climate-change practices in the global South that finance emerging environmentally-friendly businesses ranging from biofuels to carbon-efficient transport.

The event was hosted by the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) Growing Inclusive Markets initiative (GIM), Business Fights Poverty, the Overseas Development Institute, the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Speakers include:
Bruce Jenks, Assistant Secretary-General and Director, Partnerships Bureau, UNDP
Adam Leach, CEO, IBLF
Michael Anthony, Senior Microinsurance Manager, Allianz SE
Jeroen Blum, Deputy Director, Shell Foundation
Anand Narayan, Manager, Incubation Labs, Selco Solar Private
Ernest Kwasi Kyei, Co-Founder / Director of Toyola Energy
John Marsh, Prosperity Initiative
Peter Guest, Editor, This is Africa, FT Business

GIM has prepared a policy note: Inclusive Business Models for a Green, Low-Carbon Economy. Please click here to access the document…

Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD18)

The 18th Session of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD18) is taking place in New York, 3-14 May, 2010. The main themes of CSD18 include: transport, chemicals, waste management, mining, and the 10 Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption & Production Patterns.