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GIM Launches Regional Report in Moldova

On February 2, 2011, UNDP organized a full-day workshop dedicated to the launch of its regional Growing Inclusive Markets report Business Solutions to Poverty – How inclusive business models create opportunities for all in Emerging Europe and Central Asia. The report is based on empirical evidence from 19 specially commissioned case studies on existing inclusive business models in the region. As such, it constitutes a valuable knowledge and advocacy tool addressing the key barriers and solutions to achieving more inclusive business models in Emerging Europe and Central Asia.

The workshop was organized at the Academy of Economic Studies of the Republic of Moldova and was attended by over 50 participants, representing entrepreneurs, various Ministries and Government officials, academia, NGOs, business incubators, and experts from UNDP Moldova and the Bratislava Regional Center. During the course of the event the Business Solutions to Poverty report was introduced to the stakeholders and policy dialogues were held regarding the development of inclusive business models in Moldova, existing constraints, opportunities for partnerships and involvement of all relevant actors.

The workshop created a platform for private-public dialogue, which resulted in the identification of problematic areas and concrete recommendations for development toward inclusive business in such areas as tourism, agriculture and ICT. The momentum created by the event will be supported by involving the key stakeholders in policy debates, organizing series of roundtables and further dissemination of the concept of inclusive business models. As a result, the launch of the Business Solutions to Poverty report may be seen as a crucial step toward not only raising awareness for inclusive markets, but also laying foundations for the creation of sustainable inclusive business models in Moldova.

Click here to download the press release.

Launch of the Creating Value for All Report in Moldova


The launch of the Creating Value for All report was organized in Chisinau, Moldova, on July 10, 2008. It gathered a large number of participants from private sector, international organizations, NGOs and media.

Christina Gradl, one of the key contributors to the Report, explained the methodology and main messages. A representative from the Ministry of Economy and Trade then spoke about the Government’s goal to work with and involve more the private sector in meeting the development challenges faced by the country.


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